What it does

Treats and restores scarred and damaged skin back to healthy-looking skin naturally.

How it works

The Rejuran injectable treatment contains polynucleotides sourced from the Salmon milt, which helps aid the skin with tissue repair and to fight off inflammation. Studies* show that Rejuran treatment strengthens the dermis and epidermis layer of the skin (compared to using saline or hyaluronic acid treatments) against environmental and non-environmental factors that cause premature ageing. Skin becomes more hydrated and elastic, leading to firmer skin that is less wrinkled with no side effects.

*From a report by the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital 

Key benefits

  • Restores scarred and damaged skin back to a healthy complexion
  • Aid with tissue repair
  • Skin becomes less wrinkled and more elastic

Recommended for

  • Those who do not like the look of fillers or botox
  • Those with skin scarred and damaged by acne or dehydrated from frequent sun exposure. Best used in combination with Lasers and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments e.g. Aura Fu-Ultherapy.