Postnatal Recovery


What it does

A combination of light energy, frozen-fat technology and radio frequencies to help women lose excess body fat to achieve their pre-pregnancy or slimmer figure. 

How it works

Our Postnatal Recovery Programme combines our Aura Vlipo and Aura Cryolite treatments for effective removal of body fat and reduced appearance of cellulite.

Radio frequencies dissolve and burn subcutaneous fat while light energy and frozen-fat technology ages white fat calls (which stores excess body fat). The white fat cells then die and are excreted through the body’s normal metabolic process for weight loss.

Cellulite is broken down using ultrasound energy, and additional fat is expelled through the skin’s pores with the help of micro currents. To further aid in the body’s detoxification and increase blood circulation, negative pressure is applied. Finally, LED helps to firm the skin.

Key benefits

  • Removes excess body fat naturally
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Improves blood circulation

Recommended for

Women who want to achieve a slim figure without undergoing invasive treatments.