Antioxidant Detox Programme


What it does

Detoxes and perks up dull and tired skin for a healthy glow.

How it works

Our antioxidant solution contains three key ingredients for healthy and glowing skin.

Key benefits

  • Brightened and even skin tone
  • Detoxifies body of free radicals

Recommended for

Those who want an inside-out detoxifying effect for a clear complexion that is beyond skin-deep.

Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant has a brightening effect on the skin and helps to relieve the skin’s fatigue appearance

Thioctic acid

This strong antioxidant (also known as alpha-lipoid acid) is found naturally in human cells. It removes free radicals from the skin and boosts glutathione levels in cells. Its anti-ageing effects help to slow the formation of wrinkles and reduce inflammation.


An antioxidant that can be found in plants, animals, fungi as well as some bacteria. It detoxifies the body by helping to improve the body’s liver functions and cleaning the blood of free radicals and heavy metals. Skin is brighter and more even thanks the antioxidant repressing the formation of melanin in the body.